Our Objective

Anti Crime

1. To create social awareness about the effects of crime and its prevention
techniques as per Indian law. Setting up an Anti-Crime and Anti-Corruption
Committee to consider whether the bill amending the Law “On Prevention
and Combating Corruption” and the Rules of Procedure are in accordance
with Indian law.
2. To help the administration and its agencies in the enforcement of law and
order, road safety and traffic rules and social welfare schemes in the society
as well as prevention of other social crimes.
3. Investigating and researching crime to reach the truth and informing or
submitting reports with all the evidence and proof to concerned district/ state
/centre government department /authority /honorable Court and media etc.
4. To prepare reports on the violation of criminal law by the state and its
agencies, the police and criminal justice system.
5. To ensure comprehensiveness and incorporation of national, regional and
international perspectives related to social crimes.